Holiday Safety

by Ed Mitchell on December 27, 2011

“Deck your Home with Lots of Safety”

The holiday season has arrived and it’s a gret time for sharing with family and friends.  The holiday season also serves as a time filled with candles, lights, Christmas trees, and lots of cooking.

By following a few tips and inspecting items around the home, you and your family can help create a safe and fun atmosphere:

Inspect Your Candles 

  • Candles should be placed where they will not be blown over or easily knocked down.
  • Try to use battery powered candles instead.

Inspect Your Lights

  • When you exit the room or go to sleep, remember to turn off any and all lights.
  • Evalute your string of lights and if you notice any imperfections, refrain from using them.

Inspect Your Christmas Tree

  • Tree should be placed at least 3 feet away from any heat source.
  • Keep your tree hydrated because dry trees are more likely to catch on fire.

Inspect Your Cooking

  • Make sure someone is present at all times while food is cooking.
  • Keep items that burn easily away from the stove (paper, dishwaher towels and more).

Help your family deck their home with lots of safety this holiday season.

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