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by Ed Mitchell on January 12, 2014

Need a Home Inspection in Burlington County, NJ?

AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services is your local inspection company helping buyers make educated decisions on the properties they are buying. We perform inspections in the Burlington County, NJ.

Licensed NJ Home InspectorAmeriSpec Home Inspection Services is the only Home Inspection Company you will need to make that important discussion about your next purchase.

Under New Jersey Standards of Practice: Home inspectors are required to inspect the structure, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems of the home.  Visually and by normally operating controls.

How we set ourselves apart from the normal “Home Inspection”.  We use Infrared Camera Technology to detect commonly missed problems, including moisture, electrical defects, plumbing defects just to name a few.

How infrared works it measures temperature difference from inside to outside.  For example if it is 100 degrees outside and 70 degrees inside, The camera will pick up all the heat or cold temperatures leaving or entering the building.

We work for you(the buyer).  We are not affiliated with any real estate offices.

Services We Provide

Residential Inspection  in Burlington County, NJ
NJ New Home Inspection in Burlington County, NJ
New Home Inspection in Burlington County, NJ
New Home Inspection in Burlington County, NJ
NJ Residential Inspection in Burlington County, NJ
NJ Commercial  Inspection in Burlington County, NJ
NJ Termite Inspection in Burlington County, NJ
NJ Real Estate Inspection in Burlington County, NJ
NJ Radon  Inspection in Burlington County, NJ

Ed Mitchell


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