Infrared Home Inspection

by Ed Mitchell on November 4, 2014

A Home Inspector properly trained to conduct a thermal infrared home inspection can detect areas of concern within a home that other home inspectors may miss. Using a sophisticated next-generation thermal imaging camera, AmeriSpec Inspectors will provide our standard detailed home inspection, plus include a free thermal infrared home inspection upgrade, to uncover potential defects that the naked eye might miss.


-Water intrusion through exterior siding, including stucco, EIFS and brick

-Unseen plumbing leaks, both inside the home and outside the home, including improperly sealed toilets, windows and siding

-Electrical hot spots

-Blocked pipes

-Mouse nests and other pests living between the walls or floor

-Pipe and duct work leaks

-Cold and hot spots

FLIR2679  IR_3043  FLIR2485  FLIR2482


While we are completing your home inspection, we’ll use a thermal infrared camera to take photos of various parts of the inside and outside of the home, the HVAC ducting, piping, and insulation. We’ll be able to instantly see any spots that need additional testing to check for moisture or hot spots that may present an area of concern. Once we’ve completed the thermal infrared home inspection and verified our findings, we’ll include the thermal photos in your final home inspection report. We provide thermal imaging upgrades for free with every home inspection.

AmeriSpec Home Inspectors are licensed and insured  inspection company providing independent, detailed thermal imaging home inspections throughout Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties of NJ. Please contact us at 856-649-5946 for a quote or schedule a home inspection online.

Ed Mitchell
AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services
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