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Air Quality

Learn why indoor air quality can be worse than that of outdoor air.


Asbestos can affect your health. Find out more about what to do if you have a problem with asbestos.

Building a Home

Learn about construction standards and about buying land, so you know your rights.

Child Safety

Twelve Safety Devices to Protect Your Children

Conserve Energy

Learn about energy conservation, and the pros and cons of the various ways you can heat and cool your home.

Electrical Safety

Find out more about electrical panels, outlets, applicance, and other hazzards, and what to do to protect your home and family.

Energy Efficiency

Any house style can be made to require relatively minimal amounts of energy to heat and cool, and be comfortable and healthy. Learn more.

Foundation Insulation

Foundation insulation depends on whether you have a full basement, slab-on-grade, and/or a crawlspace. Find out anwsers to some frequently asked questions.

Holiday Safety

Holidays are a time of increased risks for fire and accidents. Learn how to help keep your family safe.

Insurance Tips

Things to consider when buying Homeowner's Insurance, including some of the different types of coverage.


Lead can be deadly to children. Here are some simple steps to protect your family.

Log Homes

Log homes have different types of issues than traditional homes. Find out about minimizing air leakage and other important tips.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your homee will help keep expenses down in the long run. Here is a checklist of monthly, seasonal and annual activities you should be doing.

Mold Information

Ten Things You Should Know About Mold

Mold / Moisture

Find out more about mold, including information on how to get rid of it, and who should do the cleanup.


Glossary and definitions of common plumbing terms. In-depth explanation of the main features of an indoor plumbing system, as well as drainage systems which remove the waste water from the house.

Pool Safety

How to protect children using pool barriers, as well as information on indoor pool safety.

Private Wells

Learn about the various types of wells, including dug wells, driven wells, and drilled wells; learn about polution and how you can protect your family's health.


Did you know that radon can cause lung cancer? Find out more about radon and what you can do to protect your family.


Roofing is more than asphalt shingles. Learn about metal, wood, concrete and tile roofing materials, and how to determine if you need to replace your roof.

Safety Checklist

Extensive Safety Checklist you can use to be sure that all areas of your house are safe, with recommendations of what to do to stay safe.

Septic Systems

Information about how a septic system works, and how and why it should be maintained.

Stucco Repair

A complete resource on stucco, types of damage and repair. Sections discuss stucco on historic buildings.


Learn about detection, treatment, and prevention of termites, which can cause serious problems in the wood structure of your house.

Water Quality

Find out about contaminents in your drinking water, whose responsibility it is to keep your water clean, and how you can help protect drinking water.


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